Human IT

By Murdoch Webster.

Whether it's a handful of staff or thousands of customers, we scale modern, intelligent IT environments that PROTECT, TRANSFORM and AUTOMATE your business.

Technical excellence - delivered with finesse.


Our Expertise



Application delivery and performance across your hybrid IT environment requires a new approach to cybersecurity defence.

Deploy best of breed security platforms with us and transform your security architecture - your agility, privacy and growth depend on it.


Ongoing innovation and transformation is the lifeblood of competitive advantage for modern online businesses.

Be bold, evolve your IT Infrastructure, support your employees and customers with intelligent solutions that maximise your impact - with global reach.


Unburden your employees from mundane, repetitive work, let them focus on solving problems and creating value.

Revolutionise your business processes, serve your customers better with the perfect blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation.


Our Focus

In today’s connected world, it’s not enough to simply build platforms that enable your core business processes. Each member of your team must be empowered with timely solutions that unlock greater levels of productivity whilst adhering to personal and corporate privacy concerns.

With your user’s performance in mind, we partner with titans of the technology industry to drive innovation throughout your online business.

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 Our Services



We believe in engaging each client to design innovative solutions that empower your users and elevate your business’ productivity.

Partnering with you, we’ll workshop ideas, assess options in the market and architect the perfect solution for your unique business requirements.


Our strength in partnership blended with our technical excellence, ensures every project is delivered on time and on budget.

Working with your IT team, we carefully deliver, integrate and optimise solutions that transform how you do business today and into the future.


Enabling ongoing success across your new technology platforms requires a process-driven focus on education.

Collaborating closely with you, we’ll define education pathways for your IT team. Maximise your ROI with clear documentation and technical training tailored to your unique needs.


Maintaining depth in understanding across your evolving IT environment can be a difficult proposition for even the largest online enterprises.

Leverage our technical excellence to augment your application performance management through our refined managed services offering.


June 2019

Enabling our students to lead a high tech, productive life across campus requires a nimble technology partner aligned with our strategic goals. Murdoch Webster remains one of our most trusted providers.

Mark Humphries, Nossal High School