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Plenary Logic


They offer three products, Broker, Bastion and Balance.Plenary Logic provide identity-focused software products for next-generation firewall platforms.

The Broker series has been developed to extract usernames from a network, with corresponding and accurate IP address information, and to provide this information to your next-generation firewall (NGF). This enables a NGF to enforce policy based on user identity. Broker is also capable of removing username and IP address information from the NGF, so that IP address information isn't left behind and left open for malicious users to hijack.

The Bastion series is a Linux based bastion server, created for allowing jump-host SSH services between a Linux host and an end server. The Bastion series is available in server and client formats, where the client format identifies users SSHing between machines, and stops users from masquerading on Linux based platforms.

The Balance series has been developed to report on individual users and their network activity when traversing your NGF. Whether users are students or employees, Balance provides the reporting ability to pin-point exactly where users have gone. Balance also provides the ability to monitor user bandwidth consumption and to dynamically restrict bandwidth for individual users and specific applications.

All of our products are software based (virtual machines) and come in a 30-day evaluation version. Click here to request an evaluation.