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Complex, heterogeneous environments add to the network management challenges. And protecting business-critical data requires specialized expertise and vigilance, which many IT departments are short on

Network security has become more of a priority than ever for a Company’s IT department. Companies that fail to safeguard themselves against damaging security threats risk their reputation, financial loss and intellectual property integrity.

At MWTG we know how to assess these vulnerabilities and how to design, implement and support security infrastructure. By working with the industries Best of Breed vendors such as Paloalto we have a solution to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

What we do

  • Using an enterprise perspective we determine performance capabilities of the LAN and WAN
  • Recognizing bottlenecks, equipment configuration problems, single points of failure, end-of-life situations, and end-of-support for hardware and software
  • Deploying a variety of automated, industry-standard tools to conduct our assessments in both a wired and wireless environment
  • Identification of mission-critical applications that could be most affected by a disruption
  • A remediation plan to address immediate, intermediate, and long-term concerns based on your organization's business goals, budgets, and staffing capabilities

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