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Scale SAN and NAS on a Single Platform

Designed to offer high performance and memory, advanced power efficiency and improved diagnostics, the next-generation Dell Compellent SC8000 controller, with its SC200/220 enclosures, marks a first generation Compellent system built on Dell equipment—enhancing efficiency, quality and durability.

Joining the new controllers and enclosures, the Compellent FS8600 NAS features the highly-scalable Dell Fluid File System (FluidFS). With custom-designed Dell hardware, the FS8600 NAS shares a back-end infrastructure with Compellent Storage Center, enabling you to create an efficient SAN and NAS system with a virtualized, scalable pool of disk to support your block and file storage needs. Built on the efficiency and intelligence of the Dell Fluid Data architecture, the Compellent Storage Center and FS8600 NAS combine to deliver a single platform for block and file.

Together, Compellent’s next-generation SC8000 and FS8600 allow you to scale easily and adapt to evolving technology and business needs without artificial limits, restrictions, or complexities while enjoying the long-term economic advantages of the Compellent architecture.

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Dell EqualLogic PS Series and FS Series:

Built on an advanced, peer storage architecture, EqualLogic storage simplifies the deployment and administration of consolidated storage environments, enabling:

  • Perpetual self-optimization with automated load balancing across disks, RAID sets, connections, cache and controllers
  • Efficient enterprise scalability for both performance and capacity without fork-lift upgrades
  • Powerful, intelligent and simplified management
  • Improved productivity and streamlined IT infrastructure through unified block and file storage capabilities

What's more, EqualLogic products include a comprehensive software portfolio with easy-to-use array software, host integration tools and no licensing fees. EqualLogic virtualized-storage offers a simple path to rapid deployment, comprehensive data protection, enterprise-class performance and reliability, and seamless pay-as-you grow expansion.

All EqualLogic PS Series arrays are completely interoperable and can be mixed and matched to build tiered storage within a single storage pool or across multiple pools.