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Data Management and Disaster Recovery

Fexible and affordable replication, backup and archiving - All data has a value, but that value changes over time. Nevertheless, many businesses still treat transactional records, user files and old emails as one homogenous mass, indiscriminately managing them in the same way. Murdoch Webster Technology Group helps you meet the immediate challenges of balancing cost vs. risk for active data, and formulating a long-term strategy for inactive data retention and deletion.

Acknowledging the difference between Critical (transactional), Operational (regularly changed) and Legacy (dormant) data could lead to huge savings. MWTG’s Data Management solution means you won't be paying for continuous replication when you only need regular backups and you won't be paying to keep old files on medium-high cost storage when you simply need to archive them away on more affordable media.

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2 ways to protect your data

Data replication

Tape backup no longer provides enough protection against accidents or disasters. Even a few hours of lost data could cost you dearly - 71% of businesses that experience major data loss go out of business within 6 months. For better business continuity and disaster recovery, data must be replicated off-site as it is being created or changed.

File and Email archiving

Staff rarely (if ever) delete old emails and unused files. This can stretch your available server’s capacity, and many businesses continue to replicate or backup such data when it would be more cost-effective to archive it on lower cost devices. We'll safely and automatically archive 'dormant' data that hasn't been accessed for a certain length of time.