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Compute and Virtualisation

Consolidation was the first step many organisations took on their Virtualisation journey but for many the prospect of 100% Virtualisation is still a long way off or there is a reluctance to virtualise the remaining core workloads. Some organisations have yet to take that first step and still run a very demanding physical fleet of servers with high costs of management and ownership

MWTG can analyse your current environment, physical or Virtual, and provide you with an accurate breakdown of what your performance requirements are. We can them design and build a reliable core infrastructure that will grow as your business grows keeping up with the demands of today and tomorrow.

What we do

  • Performance and analysis collection of current physical or virtual environments
  • Evaluate the potential to reach 100% virtualisation or begin the process of virtualisation
  • Provide strategic recommendations for growth of your core infrastructure
  • Create a blueprint to upgrade you existing infrastructure to a flexible, reliable and Fluid Data center using Vmware and Dell

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